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Pickup Lift series

  • Liftgate is compatible with many frame mounted hitches

  • Liftgate platform can be dropped down for direct access to truck bed

  • 40" gate travel, highest in industry

  • Military aircraft lift cables

The Tommygate original series hydraulic liftgate was developed for the pickup truck and continues to be a leader in quality and value.


Rail Gate SeriesRailgates

  • Full size motor and pump

  • Safety trip bar

  • Secure drop-in style latches

  • Platform power open and close system

  • 1,600 and 2,000 Ibs. capacity

Designed to fit many different sizes of flatbed, stake and van bodies. Many different platform sizes and options are available.


Service/utility Body SeriesService Original

  • Streamlined uprights maximize opening to truck bed

  • Pressure relief valve prevents overloading

  • Drop chain covers for a quieter ride

  • Full size pump and motor

The Tommygate liftgate was developed in 1965 and is a leader in the industry. Lifting capacity ranges from 1,000 to 1,600 Ibs.


Dump SeriesDump Body Series

  • Toggle switch style control

  • Low voltage protection

  • 12 gauge steel platform

  • Platform torsion assist spring

The platform releases for easy dumping operation. Factory supplied power cable provides a direct connection from battery to liftgate.


FlatbedFlatbed, Stake, and Van Body

  • Wide range of widths to fit your truck body

  • 1,000 - 1,300 - 1,600 Ibs. lifting capacity

  • Built in torsion bar

  • Easy access to electrical and hydraulic systems

The original series liftgate. Looks great as part of your van flatbed or stake body. Your new liftgate mounts without having to make
difficult alterations to the truck body.


Low ProWaltco Logo

Large Platform Flipaway

  • Industry's largest flipaway platform liftgates

  • Slide out power unit

  • Lightweight construction; Increased payload

  • Torsion spring assist

  • Platform safety hook

No other liftgate manufacturer can match Waltco's proven record for product innovation and quality. The powder coat paint system produces a finish that is resistant to abrasion and corrosion.


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Railift Series

  • Low maintenance platform

  • Platforms from 36" - 84" deep

  • Simple, single switch operation

  • Folded platform lowers for dock loading

The railift is ideal for bulk delivery and wheeled cargo with a combination of dock and street delivery. It provides a level ride throughout the lift for maximum load stability.