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Tyler Ice

De-icerTruck or Trailer Mounted De-lcer

  • 500 - 5,000 gallon tank capacity

  • 25' - 100' boom width

  • Airport or highway application

Tyler Ice specializes in top-quality de-icing and anti-icing systems for airports and highways. Tyler Ice has led the push to
apply new technology in a market that depends on accuracy and reliability. The Tyler Ice AD series of airport deicing trucks
comes in sizes from 500 to 5,000 gallons and boom widths from 25' to 100'. Tyler Ice ramp deicer trucks and trailer models
can be customized with almost any option to reach the tight comers of the airfield.

The innovative Tyler Zero-Velocity® spreader continues to provide highway departments with precision placement of granular
materials at any speed.

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Anti-leerAnti-leer Liquid Applicator

  • 295 or 550 gallon tank capacity

  • Fits vehicles with GVW ratings from 6,0011bs - 26,000 Ibs.

  • Hold-down kit or direct mount through frame to truck bed

Meyer Anti-icers are designed for the rigors of landscapers and municipalities looking to pre-treat roads, parking lots and intersections before the arrival of snow storms. Pre-treatment helps granular material work quickly by forming a brine to better adhere to the road. Available in 295 and 550 gallon capacities, Meyer Anti-icers feature a unique variable orifice nozzle designed to minimize material use with an instant on/off variable speed controller mounted inside the cab. Available with gas or hydraulic drive options.

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