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Rough T

Road Tough "R" Reversible Series

  • 10' - 16' lengths

  • 36" - 45" height

The Wausau-Everest "R" series heavy-duty, reversible, trip moldboard snowplow is an all purpose plow for municipal and highway use. This snowplow includes a 3/16" smooth rolled moldboard, W' ribs, 4" x 6" reversing frame, and 4" double acting reverse cylinders.

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Street SmartStreet Smart Multi-Section Reversible Series

  • 10'6" or 11'9" lengths

  • 41" or 44" height

  • 4 return springs

  • 10 gauge moldboard thickness

The Wausau-Everest Street Smart is a Multi-Section reversible snowplow. Each section functions independently to enhance snow removal operation for all types of conditions. Designed for added safety to protect the snowplow, hitch, truck and operator. Adapts to all types of hitches. When this plow hits an obstacle, the flexible shock rail absorbs the impact and springs back slightly. At the same time, the entire plow section turns upward and slides over the obstacle. Immediately upon passing the obstacle, the cutting edge moves back into clearing position and the return spring pushes the raised section back down against the street.

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Home SafeHome Safe Power Reversible Trip Edge Series

  • 10' - 14' lengths

  • 36" or 42" height

  • 3/8" moldboard thickness

  • Trip cutting edge

  • Power reversing

  • Hot wing available

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